October 18, 2010

We have returned (and some wip pics)

Hey all!
After taking a rather long break from WH40k and an even longer time from blogging at least I am going to post again here! So without further boring you  with why taking a break, I want to share with you my current project!

Building/converting a hive tyrant into a "flyrant" by adding a pair of balrog wings.

As you can see this fellow gets a pretty impressive wing span...

I didn't like the way the original model holds its tail and so I thought it a great idea to re-pose it....and after messing up with modelling a completely new one with green stuff and having cut off the snappy thing at the end of the tail I tried to bent the original tail. To my surpise it didn't break and so Mr Tyrant came to his new tail with the carnifex end-piece.
And while looking around in my bits box I had the idea to use one of the many spare carnifex heads.

So that's it for tonight. As I make progress in converting and painting I will post it here! So hopefully we get back some of our old followers!