April 25, 2010

Finished Avatar of Khaine

Hi guys,

hereby I proudly present my first ever painted Forgeworld model. It really was a lot more work than I had expected, but I´m pleased with the outcome on the model. The last month (one month since the last post ... wow, time goes by fast) I finished the sword and the tabard. I painted the sword in the same way as the Avatars body with reverse highlighting from yellow to black. For the tabard I applied a blue color starting from Space Wolves Grey, Enchanted Blue and Regal Blue. After one big wash with Asurmen Blue the blue color looked really nice and I did my first try on the Avatar rune - what I really learned then was that my free hand skills are not that special but I start to get better (compared to the much bigger rune on the Autarchs jetbike I all went a lot faster and I hadn´t do that much of corrections after the first coat of yellow paint (thank god for GWs foundation yellow).
So here you see the finished Avatar. I will try to make some better pictures the next days and try my luck at Cool Mini Or Not.  
Next up on my ToDo List is the really nice model of PrinceYriel.

The Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine

And what really excites me today ..... PICS OF THE NEW FIRE PRISM ! Have to get two of them. They look really different compared to the old one but I kinda like the new look. Gives the cannon more of a "Bright Lance with fancy diamonds" feeling. The new Night Spinner also looks really nice, but I would like to see the rules on this one, before I can make my last judgement on it. Hopefully you can magnetize / pin the two cannons easily and change between the two setups...