March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day!

So it's finally here, the Old Stuff Day! You might have heard of the movement Rob from Warhammer39999 came up with. Some love to old posts of the own blog which are too far down in the history and which maybe got not the attention they may deserved. Pretty cool idea in my eyes.

So without further ado, I scrolled a bit through Bellum Aeternums history and thought I post again an old post from 2009 of a project I am still very proud of, namely my Forge World Stormblade:

And i digged through a blog I follow. Opposing Forces has some really nice miniatures and a very cool Planet Strike battle report. So if you like batreps with nice pics, just have look at this.

So I hope you enjoy the old work which are put on several blogs. I am now heading  towards the blogs which joined this movement and see what you have in your personal treasure chest!

I am in good spirit that this Old Stuff Day will establish and we see more of nice old posts.