August 9, 2012

Bloodcrushers of Khorne

More blood for the Blood God! 3 Bloodcrushers...

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut

Normal guy

Chaos Icon

More blood and skulls to follow.

August 3, 2012

Soulgrinder of Khorne


a while ago I happened to get my hands on one of the nicest models GW offers imo, the Soulgrinder. I always had it on my mind to get one even as I don't play daemons, but I am planning on getting a Khorne themed army, just for style and giggles. And maybe we get a Chaos codex this year...
But be that as it may, here are the pics:

I diverged a bit from the usual red Khorne daemons colour as I really think the skin colours a quite nice on a 'grinder and the visible muscle bundles stick out better this way. The barbed wire was an idea I had when I saw the movie Silent hill. Since then I always wanted to do a daemon with barbed wire somewhere. And it's gory and bloody...
Hope you like it.

May 23, 2012

Pictures of my Greater Demon of Slaanesh

August 28, 2011

Hyperios Diorama pt 4


I finished the hyperios missile launcher today:

I really like the old and used look on it. Most of it was achieved by several layers of a dark wash, drybrushing and then one of my favourite techniques: sponging. That looks cool and is, as a side effect, much fun. Most of it was done with charadon granite and a bit boltgun metal. Furthermore I brushed on some black weathering powder/pigments on the exhausts.
Talking about pigments, for the base I used dark mud and russian earth from MIG. I simply sprinkeld some dry powder roughly where I wanted it and then blew some air with my empty airbrush over it to dispense it. You can see that effect expecially in the corners where it went somewhat up the walls.

That's it for today, I hope you like it.

August 27, 2011

Hyperios Diorama pt 3


another update, I am rather studious the last days. I have completed the washing an drybrushing of the terrain:

I made a mix of devlan mud, ogryn flesh, brown and black ink and gave the diorama several thin layers with my airbrush. After several hours of drying I drybrushed first with tamiya's german grey, dark sea grey and light grey followed by very smal amounts of dheneb stone and a last gentle dry brushing with rotting flesh. The picture does not give it justice, as I took it inside with shitty lighting. It looks much more detailled than on the photo as the flash did its usual job by taking all depths out of it...

So be it. Some words on the sand bags. I gave them a basecoat with scorched brown followed by extensive drybrushing with graveyard earth and kommando khaki.

Looks ok but somewhat dull. So I made a wash out of scorched brown, brown ink, black ink, sunburst yellow and matt varnish. To take yellow into the mixture, I have read in the IA: model masterclass pt I (I highly recommend that book!!! Buy it. Really.)

So after several thin layers of washing, it turned out quite well and the textured surface of the sand bags came out nicely.

 That's it for now. I think I will have at least one more update coming this weekend.

August 26, 2011

Hyperios Diorama pt 2


a short update on the diorama. I did the first round of base colours. First I primed it chaos black and then airbrushed on several layers of graveyard earth and a mix of graveyard earth and khemri brown on all ground parts. After that I painted the rubble and the ruined building parts with german grey from tamiya and the aegis parts with light grey also from tamiya.

Next I will clean up the messy parts and then wash the whole diorama with devlan mud with an airbrush. And then I think I can start with an actual brush and start painting.

August 24, 2011

Hyperios Diorama

Hey all,

back after a quite long hiatus. But no apologies today, I simply had nothing interesting to post.
But now I want to share something. Trotzki and me were starting to build a small diorama with pieces we had lying around. As I had a whirlwind turret in my bits box, which (as a Black Templar player I can't use) I wanted to build some kind of gun emplacement which has been fortified with sandbags and barbed wire and so on.

So here is, what we came up with after some hours of cutting and shaping some spare pieces of styrofoam and glueing bits and pieces on it: (click on the images to enlarge)

To make things clear, this is so to say the unpainted state. The painted parts you see are actually salvaged parts from another piece of terrain and 3 parts of aegis defense lines. The sandbags are made of greenstuff and yellow/grey milliput. The latter one is really nice to do this, as it is cheaper than greenstuff and you get larger amounts.
Next I have to make some more barbed wire parts and then I think it is done. And then comes the painting....
Ah ok, and I want to try out to make camo nettings over the hyperios/whirlwind turret. But I am still not sure if I should do this before painting or afterwards with a seperatly painted camo net. Has anybody experiences with that? I read several articles about it, but I'm still unsure.
So I try to keep this updated.