July 5, 2009

New painted stuff: Sternguard and Tau Broadside

Hey everybody,

just a quick one this evening. I just want to show the new minis I have painted over the last weeks.
First off, I started to paint my self-made sternguard. I plundered my bitsbox and found a lot of useful stuff and I tried to make combi-meltas from bolters and meltas and that worked out so well that I assembled 4, so that I can equip all 5 sternguards with them.
Here are the first 3 including the sergeant with lightning claw:

And for the greater good I finished the first broadside to pack more punsh against the mighty tanks of the imperial guard (and land raiders of course). For the lack of shield drones I just took the upper side of gundrones. That has to suffice for the moment:

It's pretty obvious what's coming up next: the last 2 sternguards and a second broadside. But I am a little bit short of time at the moment. The usual excuses, I know...

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