March 30, 2010

FW Avatar of Khaine painting log - Part 2

Hi guys,

slow but steady I start to make progress on the Avatar. Last week I finished the lava parts on the models body and started to paint its head and armour parts. To stay true to my Alaitoc Eldar I tried to keep the armour parts in blue tones with Regal Blue as the main color and with light accents of Enchanted Blue. For his fancy headgear I set for a stronger contrast and used mixes of Space Wolves Grey and Regal Blue. They still look quite empty to me, but really have no clue what to add on them to make them look less flat.

At the moment I´m painting his armoured hand with the biiiigg sword and I started the painfull work of finishing is thousand gems.
For the other two missing part I really am looking desperatly for some major inspiration - I don´t think my free hand skills will allow me to paint a nice Eldar rune on his tabard and for his 70s hair no distinct colour scheme comes to my mind.
I´d be very thankful for any comments or suggestons on these two parts...

2 Kommentare:

Max said...

Maybe do a line along the inside of the crest with another color from your army, or some kind of metallic. If you are feeling really ambitious, a little bit of flame effect there would be pretty cool too.

Sholto said...

Looking very good :)

Maybe a little more black on the lava parts of the body?

That's a lot of gems - you'll be able to do these in your sleep once you've finished!