August 27, 2011

Hyperios Diorama pt 3


another update, I am rather studious the last days. I have completed the washing an drybrushing of the terrain:

I made a mix of devlan mud, ogryn flesh, brown and black ink and gave the diorama several thin layers with my airbrush. After several hours of drying I drybrushed first with tamiya's german grey, dark sea grey and light grey followed by very smal amounts of dheneb stone and a last gentle dry brushing with rotting flesh. The picture does not give it justice, as I took it inside with shitty lighting. It looks much more detailled than on the photo as the flash did its usual job by taking all depths out of it...

So be it. Some words on the sand bags. I gave them a basecoat with scorched brown followed by extensive drybrushing with graveyard earth and kommando khaki.

Looks ok but somewhat dull. So I made a wash out of scorched brown, brown ink, black ink, sunburst yellow and matt varnish. To take yellow into the mixture, I have read in the IA: model masterclass pt I (I highly recommend that book!!! Buy it. Really.)

So after several thin layers of washing, it turned out quite well and the textured surface of the sand bags came out nicely.

 That's it for now. I think I will have at least one more update coming this weekend.

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