July 20, 2008

More Warpstuff...

Hi guys,

after some technical problem with my digicam I´m back to post the arrivals in my demon army now. As I told you my army is supposed to be mainly focused on Tzeentch-shooty-goodness. So I decieded to treat myself with the ultimate shooty chicken - the Greater Demon of Tzeentch. This unit comes with an really hefty price tag and it will explode to over 300 points when gifted with We Are Legion, Master of Sorcery and Breath of Chaos. The first testgames will show if these little upgrades are really necessary. With build in Demonic Gaze, Bolt of Tzeentch, Wings and an uber-invulnerable save this should be a flexible Jack-of-all-trades that can shoot the hell out of everything and then mop it up after charging. I know that most people favour the cheaper herolds but if not only for fluff reasons a greater demon should be part of any demonic army.

Lord of Change

On the lower picture you can see my first tries with the new GW-washes. The chickens tabard was just painted with one thin layer of space wolves grey and then washed with Asurmen Blue. I think the soft shading is really impressing and I am looking forward to paint more models with them.

As a true follower of Tzeentch I also got myself some horrors. 2x5 with bolt is really a lot of firepower for such a small unit. I also equipped one unit with an icon because knowing exactly where you deep strike is really something when you are dealling with flamers (the Tzeentchy ones). 10 more and will be pleased with my troop selection.

The Pinkmob
Giggeling minions of Tzeentch

If it comes to suicide units the flamers really are one hell of a "deepstrike and flame away" unit. Aggressive deppstriking is the way to go with those and in the first games it worked quiet well. And 3 are inexpensive enough to don´t really care about the lose. On the picture below you can also see my model for the changeling (of course he is normally with his horrors) which I also used as a herold of Tzeentch in some games.

The Changeling and Flamers
Cohorts of Tzeentch

The last point is a little heretical act against my master Tzeentch... because I like the model and a little more headbashing competence for my army would be great. I aquired myself the Skulltaker of Khorne. He hasn´t seen any games until now, because he is missing his bloodletter company. Hopefully he can lend the poor minions of Tzeentch a hand when they are getting there tentacles bashed in melee.

Uzul the Skulltaker
Herold of Khorne

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