July 16, 2008

ARMY SHOWCASE: Sons of Sigismund

Master of Sanctity Torvald

Torvald is the spiritual leader of the Sons. His undying dedication to his office and his martial prowess is always a great inspiration for all battle brothers as he crushes the Emperors and mankinds foes mercilessly under his mastercrafted thunderhammer. His relentless faith and iron will let him survive against the vilest enemies the Sons encountered and he survived badly wounded a desperate fight against the Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.

Ok, so much to the fluff for him...
That is one of my favorite models in the range of citadel miniatures. I just replaced the storm bolter with a thunder hammer from the assault terminator sprue and gave him a shoulder pad from forgeworld.
This model is my second approach to non-metallic-metal (golden parts and chains, not the crozius and the hammer) and I am very pleased with it. It takes a little bit more time to paint it that way, but the outcome justifies the effort.
I am not always a fan of NMM as it often looks very much like comic-style but I wanted to try it out and so far I like it with this model. The models I painted after this were painted with metallics (e.g. Hermann) but it is likely I will do NMM again.

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