September 16, 2008

Tons of Bits ... (WIP Jetbike Autarch)

Hi guys,

after doing a little check list on all my Eldar bits lying around, I stumbled over an old Jetbike I didn´t use for my Spears Of Khaine (GW´s only selling those in three-bike boxes with a maximum squad size of the being 5... nice thing is you also get the whole equipment for 3 Guardian Jetbikes). First idea was a jetbike farseer but those really need a seer council of expensiveness to be any effective, so I decieded to add a second autarch to my army. In addition to the bike I used bits from several boxes : Head and torso are both from a Dire Avenger exarch ( I especially like the head from this box more than the "omg-screaming"-one from GW´s autarch on bike box), while legs and arms are from the shining spears exarch (with the niffty one-hand control I didn´t use for my Spears because I had already glued the bike handles ...). The pseudomandiblasters at the side of the autarchs head are the spiky tops of the "flag mast" that was supposed to be added to the backward part of the Guardian Jetbikes. The two banners at the bikes backside are the alternative backpack for the Warpjump-Autarch. First coloring of the model is now finished but still needs a little trimming, especially at the bike, and a fitting base...

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