September 19, 2008

Two hours of painting: Kroot

Hi guys,

Only two words: Foundation. Washes.
Those colours are absolutely amazing and are a great and easy way of getting your miniatures painted quickly with a nice outcome. I never saw a possibility for using the washes with my marines or the fire warriors as I think the best way to use is with more organic structures like Trotzki had that with his daemons. And at the moment I don't want to start a completely new army and so I decided to get myself some kroot mercenaries for the Tau and I wanted to paint something really quickly and get the finished models as soon as possible without compromising the quality of the paintjob.

I used Knarloc green as base colour, graveyard earth for the "clothes", snakebite leather, scorched brown and bleached bone for the other brown parts and of course boltgun metal for the gun. I painted all that first and then washed the green and brown parts with devlan mud und the metal parts with badab black. And thats it. Nice methinks.

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