February 9, 2009

Tau XV84 Commander

Here we go, my latest addition to my expanding Tau army: the XV84 Crisis suit with marker light.

Yeah, Forge World miniatures....that's something special....you get addicted to it once you have your first models.
I think these suits look way better than the ones from GW, much more hulking and somewhat threatening and you can pose them more freely. I thought a lot about which pose I wanted to have him and I decided to let him jump away from the enemy and blasting away with his burst cannon. (I was a little bit inspired by the Tau commander in DoW, when he makes this kind of jump).
The weapons are both magnetized so I can switch between all loadouts I want.

...and here is why I have so much time for painting at the moment:

2 Kommentare:

Drew said...

First. Your paint job looks amazing.
Second. What the hell happened to your foot.

Managarm said...

Thanks for your accolade!
Concerning my foot, that was a ligament rupture at the ankle joint. Takes a loong time to heal, but now it's ok ;-)