February 1, 2009

At last back to war

Hi guys!

After a long slumber deep in the chapter vaults, I have awoken once again....
No ok, the thing between war games called life hold me off posting here for far too long, but now I am back with some new W40k goodness. The exchange rates from British pounds to Euro were so great recently that I couldn't help myself and ordered something really big. Just have a look at what's coming up soon (well, not that soon I have to admit).

If you see this coming.... You better go and find some cover!

The Death Korps of Krieg Arkurion pattern Stormblade!
As you can see here, it is not yet fully assembled and a few parts are not glued in place for simplifying the painting. I am planning to use my new airbrush for the camouflage (mostly grey colours) and I am going to try some of the imo great tips and tricks from the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass book.

Sadly this baby needs to be pushed a little bit back on the schedule since I don't have my airbrush here with me.
At the moment I am working on two Tau battlesuits (one Forge World XV84 and an ordinary XV8 commander). Pics to follow.

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