March 10, 2009

Tau Sky Ray

Hey folks,

the third battle tank for my expanding tau army has just left the assembly yard, this time it's a sky ray missile gunship.
But see for yourselves:

I think it fits well with the hammerhead I painted earlier. Only thing is the light blue camouflage is a little bit lighter than on the hammerhead since I had to re-do my 4-colour-mix for that and must have missed the exact ratio.

With that I can field about 1650 points of Tau goodness. So, at last, I am ready to play!

Next week I am back at university and that will put an end to this extensive painting over the last weeks.
But I will start the big project of painting tanks a little bit more realistic: a leman russ is the dummy where I try some new techniques I read about and I'm going to teach myself (e.g. airbrushing, weathering, washing, layering, blending...) and then I will finally begin with the stormblade!
You can expect pics!

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