March 2, 2009

Tau Stealth Marker Team and Kroot


just a little update on what I did last week. I finished 6 Kroot and a 3 men/tau stealth marker team.

XV25 Stealth Suits

Kroot carnivore squad

The Kroot were painted quickly with foundation colours and washes, it took me about 6 hours from sprue to finished. That's really awesome and the result is ok in my eyes.

The Stealths got some more attention but I tried to paint them a little bit faster than I usually do. In this case I painted the whole miniature in shadow grey and applied my self-made black wash in the recesses and armour joints with a fine detail brush. You save a little bit time with that as you do not need to be very precise when adding the grey. I did the same with the hammerhead by the way.

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