August 16, 2009

Planetstrike: Bastions and defence lines

Good morning!

Today we're going to have our first planetstrike game!
Trotzki and me bought the Imperial Strongpoint set and two additional bastions. So we now have 4 bastions and 3 aegis lines. In addition we also bought some craters and barricades from amera terrain. Over the last two weeks we were busy with assembling and painting the terrain before playing the actual first game, as we wanted to play on a completely painted board. So here's what we have right now.

Airbrushing really helps to get the bastions painted rather quickly. We used field grey from tamiya as base colour and then a wash of thinned badab black, followed by drybruhsing with codex grey and a bit of bleached bone.

So today we play a 2500 point game of space marines vs. eldar. I will defend the stronpoint with my marines and Trotzki assaults with his eldar. I am really curious how that will turn out as at the moment I am feeling the defender is a bit in a disadvantage. But we will see.

I will take pictures and a battle report will be written, so stay tuned.

2 Kommentare:

Anonymous said...

The bastions and defense lines look very cool. I'll be waiting for a full batrep (take lots of pics, plz)!

Managarm said...

I made lots of pics from the game and I am currently writing it all up! I'll post the batrep as soon as I can!