August 22, 2009

Some afterthoughts on our planetstrike game

Hi guys,

I´d also like to take the opportunity to give some comments on our first game on the awesome new planetstrike terrain. First I´d like to thank Managarm for this really funny and exciting game.
I have to admit I was a little biased on the planetstrike rules when I first had a look into the rules section of the book. The attacker seemed way overpowered to me, with little room to react for the defender to an overwhelming amount of firepwer in the first round. So when we talked about choosing sides before the battle, I trusted in my Eldar (of which I still think as one of the most offensive armies in WH40K) to have quite an easy match against Managarms Marines. The first suprise was his all infantry list, which allowed him to spread around the whole base and saturate my units with to much targets. I was a lot more used to his drop pod/land raider army that gave me had a headache the last games. For my list I took some units I stopped using in regular games like the Shining Spears and my Guardian Defenders.

So after the dust of turn ones firestorm had settled had settled and my units had boosted on the field I still felt really in a stronger position. But at the start of turn two I really saw what equals out the attackers advance of turn one :
With defenders reserves arriving from you back and sides you really stop being the attacker and have to struggle to keep your units alive long enough to contest the objectives at the end of the game. This is where my Eldar really started to struggle - with two fronts available my units quickly were separated and cut down. This is where resilant units really start to shine. My Avatar, the wraithlord and especially the Seer Council where the units that matched this type of game a lot better then for example the banshees or the guardians that just lack the resilance. A unit of 10 Wraithguard with warlock should really be a major pain for any defender to remove. Resilance is king in Planetstrike not only for the defender, but also the attacker.
So as a summary I think planetstrike is a really new way of playing 40k and I´m really excited to test my Deamons (Seem waaaaaay overpowered to me) in action against the Marines, Tau or Imperial Guard. And of course my Eldar are always in for a revanche !

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