October 30, 2009

Ready for the tournament ...

Hi guys,

with just one week up to the local tourney I finally finished the last of the models needed for the games. I still had to paint four Fiends of Slaanesh and build and paint my Herald on Chariot (not that much, but you really learn how much time it takes to proper paint a model, when you have a fixed date it has to be finished on), when I decieded to register.
The four Fiends of Slaanesh where quick to paint, because they already where assembled (not really fun). I used the same paint scheme, I used for all of the daemons.

So here is the pic :

Fiends of Slaanesh

Test games have really proven the worth of this fine unit, that is fast, hits hard and should not be ignored by your enemies units. In some games they died without doing much, but even when they just act as bullet magnet they have their worth. In some way they seem to be comparable with the Flamers of Tzeentch, with the big distinction that flamers do their damage when they deepstrike, with not much after that (they can but I just can´t remember when the last time was they really survived the next enemy turn without being bashed or shot). Fiends do no damage the turn they arrive but really whip units in the turns afterwards, with more resilence (you can deepstrike a lot more freely due to the large charge range) and more hitting power in later turns.

For the Herald I had to first reassemle the model. Parts used are mainly from the High Elf Chariot and the Daemonette Box, with the heads of the two draft animals originating from the Chaos Spawn Box (Great kit, useless models - hooray !). Painting was done part by part with an assembly of the finished chariot, rider and oxen at the end.

Here is he / she / it:

Herald of Slaanesh on Chariot

In all test games the chariot mostly showed its worth as a sort of Search & Destroy missile, that deepstruck, charged and .... well sometimes really messed up a unit and sometimes died an horrible death in - Slaanesh pleasing - agony. I still think it is a very useful unit (killed Njal in SW proxy test game) but its true worth is its ability to take a out small squads like marine combat squads or guardsmen units. Tough targets really break his neck quickly - even with 5 wounds and +4 armour save. Still the main thing that really make the Chariot of Slaaensh outstanding is its low cost, that allows you to field a quick mini-monstrous creature with Hit & Run for around 100 points.

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