November 2, 2009

Tournament this, tournament that, the tournament is everywhere!

Good Morning,

sitting at work since 550am  and nothing to do, i thought i start talking a bit bout the coming tournament and the plans we got.

As the tournament day draws closer, Trotzki and Managarm put the last finishing touches on their armies, id thought that this will be a show i dont wanna miss. So i decided to take the coming friday off and travel down. This will give us the opportunity to have a 3rd person doing all the coverage. The guys have time to focus more on playing and getting their asses kicked....and i will focus on doing the rest. Mainly waking them up in time for the event on saturday and get a constant supply on coffee going, cause the plan is to get terrible drunk on friday!

So I hope to get you the full coverage of the event! Pictures, Army Lists, Interviews! Althought Trotzki allready said "If you put a picture of me on the net im gonna skin your ass!", we will see how tough he is when I stand before him. ;)

We will put some last test games in on friday, mainly focusing on the missions for the tournament and getting into the right mindset.

So lets start my rumbling on the tournament with a quick look at the setting and then i will talk about the missions, the guys will have to play on saturday.
There are 3 missions, point limit is 1650 and they got 2h15mins time for each one. I think that will work quite well. There will be 28 people playing, having 14 games played simultaneously, i hope i find the time to get more infos on the other people playing.
The armies being played by the people attending are:

Space Marines: 5
Imperial Army: 4
Chaos Space Marines: 3
Chaosdemons: 2
Dark Angels: 2
Orks: 2
Space Wolves: 2
Tau: 2
Nids: 2
Black Templars: 1
Dark Eldar: 1
Eldar: 1
Hagashîn´s: 1

So we have 13 MEQ´s that gives the guys a good chance of playing MEQ´s , which would be their favourite enemy.
2 Dark Eldar players, im really excited to see them, will they bring the infamous skimmer army of doom? I had a friend once who played DE when they just came out, we hated to play him back then. I would hate to play DE right now. Imo they just "break" the game, playing a different edition then anybody else.
The 2 Space Wolves guys, i dont know. Did they have the time to bring the new toys, aka Thunderwolves? If so people are in for a hell of a game. If not they just Marines to me.
3 CSM players, well i guess its a good guess that at least one will bring the "normal" CSM list, aka 2 lash´s, 3 plagues marines in rhinos and the rest of the points in kyborgs. The second highest rating player is playing chaos, im eager to have a chat with him, see how he feels about CSM in 5th edition.
Nids, while i feel that nids are currently in need of a new codex, the guys playing Nids at the tourney are supposed to be "good", at least if you believe in their tournament rating. So maybe i see some great armies, which will motivate me for the new nid codex. If so, I will bring out the old 2nd edition models i got for a new spin!
And we have 4 bandwagoneers, errr Imperial Guard players, will they bring "fluffy" armies, or will they bring the mech armies that the guards a infamous for atm? I just hope they spam melters and bounce off Trotzki´s invul save. Although he wont be able to do much against mech spam.
In the end i just hope to see lots of really well painted armies and meet a fun bunch of people.

You can get a total of 20 points per mission, 14 for the primary and 6 for the secondary. You can get another 8 points total for having a well painted army and fully based army with lots of conversions. 2 points are given for submiting a correct army list until the dead line. This nets us a total of 70 points. I honestly believe the guys should at least get 7 points for their armies. But well see how the judges feel about that.

All missions have a primary and a secondary, which depends on good old victory points. As a nice twist, each player gets a secret tertiary objective, which adds a amount of victory points.
First off is a "Headquarters" mission with "Dawn of War" unit placement, oh how i hate thee!
Second along comes another old friend, table quarters! With "Spearhead" placement.
Last is a 5 objective mission with placement along the long table edges.

So how do i think the missions will play out for our guys?
Im not sure they can hold, their own base while making a substantial attack on their opponents one in the first mission. So we prolly gonna see some draws here.
The second one will prolly see the Tau holding their own turf with, Kroot, Broadsides, Crisis and skimming around the edges with the other tanks. The Demons will drop all over the show, having to deal with an completely deep striking army is quite a pain for the enemy. 
The third one, well i would place 2 objectives together on my side, hold em and contest the rest. Really depends on the enemy.

So in conclussion i think, the demons will do better.  Although i believe the Tau list is more solid, most people are just not used to play against demons. Happens to me all the time, when i play Trotzki, "What can this unit do? Fleet d6", charge 12" hit me with 7 rending attacks with str 5?" Funny stuff. If i would have to make a wild guess, id say our guys will both get 1 win and 2 draws. Managarm would prolly place better with his Marines but i understand that playing MEQ against MEQ all day is quite boring.

So stay tuned for more on the tournament soon.

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