November 3, 2009

A never ending cycle of painting tau battlesuits

Hi guys,

I am very busy with getting everything painted until saturday. Currently I am working on the last crisis suit and the ion cannon for the hammerhead.
Just wanted to show you the latest additions, another fireknife suit and my second broadside:

Fireknife XV8

Broadside XV88 MkI

Nothing too specatacular, but I hope that the converted heads and the little re-posing of the arms and legs of the fireknife gives a bit more dynamic to this model.
The great conversion idea for the head can be found here at warhammer tau. Thanks to Adam again for nice ideas and inspiration.
Pictures of the 3 other suits I painted over the last weeks are due to follow and of course a family picture of the complete tournament army will be online at friday, so stay tuned!

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Adam said...

Thanks for the kudos!