December 8, 2009



well if you check the net these days you will find the rumours about the new Nids codex is all the rage. The rumours run strife and everyone seems to have a inside intel on what to expect in the new Nids codex. Even Managarm fell in love with the Hive Mind. ;)

Question is, will it REALLY change, that much?

Trying to find out more, I recently visited the german GW headquarter and had a nice chat with the guys there, and while they weren't allowed to tell me hard facts on the codex, they were pretty clear bout a few things.

  1. Nid standards will be able to kill transports, semi reliable
  2. You will still be able to play Nidzilla, most likely it will be even better then before
  3. Warriors will be worth bringing now
  4. Nids might be even more dangerous in CC now
  5. You will get more reliable AT power
  6. More hordish feel, standards will be cheaper
We really talked about alot of other stuff, but these are the points they were allowed to confirm. Except for the Trygon ofc, everyones new favourite monster.

So what do we take home from this?

Nidzilla wont die, some people already screamed doom from the rooftops. Others feared after the statement of a certain GW guy, that Nids will bring even more MC´s. But for non-Apoc games, I feel you wont be able to afford that much more then the usual amount of MC´s. And lets face it 8 MC´s is hard enough, if your army can deal with them your army can deal with 2 more.

The main problem will be the increased amount of standards + better CC + better AT. I reckon most Zilla players will just improve on their standards and get some better AT for their MC´s. When the cheaper standards can kill tansports reliably, mech will be in some problems. We gonna have Nidzilla v2.0.

Depending on the amount of AT on the warriors, we gonna  see some warrior heavy armies, but I'm still not sure about this one. Because if they don't get an improved a statline, I look at you 4+ armor save, they still die to anti-infantry fire.

What really floats my boat are the improved standards, if the rumoured point values aren't that much of. Its gonna be a pain painting all of them, but then you can finally play the Nids as they supposed to be played and be competetive.

Unluckily for all us Nid fans the new codex is postponed to the middle of Jan, due to some misprinting issues. So I guess well see how it will work out. Good for you guys, now that Managarm decided to jump on the Nidwaggon, we gonna see some nicely painted bugs. And perhaps I get myself to finish up on my old school 2nd edition models. Then we can have some sort of Darwin battle! Survival of the ugliest and badest bug in town! At least I got some Biovores and Zoans ready, following GW´s normal strategy, they gonna be good in the new codex.

Ah I cant wait, the tension is killing me!


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