December 11, 2009

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Hi everyone,

with all the high expectations on the new Tyranids codex (which will be really great I´m sure) I like to just give a very short update on the last finished model of my Chaos Daemons army. I already possess a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch that was build from the original CSM Prince set. For the Slaanesh part of my army I decided to do a completely different approach to add the Prince. Because the original model lucks a little to bulky and not really fitting to the agile but nimble followers of the Prince of Pleasures, I used the Deceiver model as a base. I have seen this several times now and always like the arrogant look and the really nice posing of the model. With few additions (basically the Dark Pegasi wings and an Icon of Slaanesh from the Daemonettes pack) the model was finished quite quickly. So here is the pic :

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
Prince Fen´ci

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Anonymous said...

Such a simple conversion, but it works well. I'd never considered using the model for a daemon, but it makes great sense.

My only critique is that I think I'd prefer it if you curved the wings a bit. As they stand, they're quite flat and static.

Brilliant idea though, and great execution.

TrotzkiHatesMe said...

My first intention was to get the wings into a more upright position to have the model somehow swoop down on its enemies. But there I really misjudged the size of the Deceiver model.
After unpacking my first thought "That´s one small model for such a CC monster". Together with its "robes" there is only a very small spot to fit the wings on his back - and the spread wings were the only way I really got them fixed without making the model very green stuff heavy at its back.
The real solution wold have been to pin them in place - this is really something I have to keep in mind, when attaching big metal wings next time.

Clausewitz said...

Nicely done! Cant wait for our post-new-year gaming session! ;) All the new shiny stuff you and Managarm have put together.