January 4, 2010


"Im afraid of energy weapons!"

I got some more games in with the new Nid codex and wanted to share my experince with you guys.

I played against Trotzkis Eldar at 2000p and against Orkz at 1750p. I wanted to test some units I havent used to far and try certain ideas.

Against the Eldar I used 2 units of 3 Hiveguard´s, they did their job and put some hurt on the Eldar flyers, Falcon´s are still a pain. If you play against mech alot this unit is really worth their points, 6 str8 shots at bf4 for less then a naked Carnifex....gooood.

I also used 2 Trygons with regeneration, they killed one Serpent sucked up the shooting from the whole Eldar army and then died. Partly because I couldnt make a single saving throw and partly because, Shinning Spear´s kill Trygons! Ok nobody uses them anymore, but they kill Trygons, for real! ;)

Tervigons are still awesome, but keeping the Gaunts in 6" is getting harder if the game gets tougher. I still firmly believe 2 is the magic number. I tried 2 Gaunt units with 15 models each, worked good. Perhaps I scale it down to 10 in the next game and see if it still works.

Carnifex killed some Eldar with his heavy Vennomcannon, killed a Phantomlord and then died to Dire Avengers and Guards in melee, the Hivemind will surely not respawn this one!

In the end i lost with 1:0 objectives, mainly because I got caught in the game and decided not to sit behind a forrest the whole game, was alot of fun though.

Since i know my Ork buddy used the big tanks alot lately, I brought 2 units of 2 Zoantrophes in Capsules. I got played a bit here, the Orkz brought only one big tank and 6 pickups! The Zoantrophes  managed to kill 3 pickups, beat a 10man Orkmob in melee and 2 actually survived. But failed to kill the big tank, with 8 friggin str10 ap1 lance hits! :(

For fun and giggles I used 3 Mawloc´s, which turned out to kill the Waaghboss´s ride, the tank and some Orkz. They failed their hit and run check and died to clawz. Mawloc´s dont like str8 energy weapons.

I scaled the Termagaunt´s down to 10 models, still worked. Since it was a Annihilation 15 would have been better, but I was trying to get some points back. Tervigons still rock, nothing to see here.

I wanted to use 2 winged Tyrants, with 2 tl Dev´s and Injector, its so expensive its not even funny anymore, cost more then a frigging Land Raider. While it still works, its just too much points for what it does.

My actual plan was to overload the enemy with ton´s of targets shocking right onto them, it kinda worked.  I suffered from some horrible rolls, but I managed to squeeze a draw out in the end,  11:11 killpoints.

So let me recap:

1. Tervigons are great, nothing new here 

2. twinlinked Devourer Flyrants still kinda work, but are way too expensive 

3. Orkz with claws/Shinning Spears kill Mawlocs/Trygons

4. Zoans in Capsules kill Tank, 2 units of 2 each should be enough

5. Hiveguards rock against mech and they cheap 

Were planning to play some more tomorrow and i really want to test some Alpha Warriors and Harpy´s. But since Managarm is also longing for his first test games, I might be playing some Marines or Tau and see how they deal with the new threats from the Nids. 

4 Kommentare:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight. It's good to see that most of the units seem to fair as well in practice as they appear to do on paper.

Out of curiousity, do you actually advocate using squads of 10 termagants? It almost seems too small to be effective...

Clausewitz said...

Ya most of it does quite well. I believe Managarm will chime in and post on his experience with Symbionts and Hormagaunts soonish.

I wouldnt advocate the use of 10 termagaunts your right. I think 15 is magic number. 20 tend to be a bit "unwieldy", if that is an english word. ;) I used the 2x10 just to screen the gauntfarm and hold the orkz up with the rest of the army.

Sholto said...

I am considering starting a tyranid force, and your reports and comments have been very helpful. Thanks :)

Clausewitz said...

Your Welcome!
Guess well see alot more, once Managarm is finished with his Nids army.