January 24, 2010

Meet and greet: Newly spawned Tyranids

After all of the playtesting and actual playing with the new 'nids, let me return to the hobby part. Over the last weeks I finished some more bugs for my growing, but yet nameless hive fleet (more to all the names flowing around my head later).
First of all, the little critters are now under the unrelenting will of the hive mind, relayed by the powerful hive tyrant:

And of course a Tyrant is such a fragile existence, he needs some company for his protection: One tyrant guard is finished as well

As you can see I equipped him with a set of scything talons instead of the bonesword/lashwhip combo. The one and only reason for it being that I absolutely dislike the way how the bonesword is modelled! I'm not getting warm with the idea, a creature like this wields a real sword, with hilt and pommel... So I gave him the, in my eyes, way more cooler looking talons from the monstrous creature sprue. Rules-wise the other combo is better and so Trotzki mentioned he wouldn't have any objections against it if I fielded him with these biomorphs.

For further control via synapse and for serious anti-tank firepower, one of three zoanthropes is finished:

And as I was lucky to get a box of space hulk, I thought I needed to paint the broodlord. This mini is soo nice compared to the metal one and partly justifies to purchase space hulk just because of this model.

And of course he needs some buddies for the next thrashing in your neighborhood:

Finally I broke of the crushing claws of the carnifex and replaced them with another pair of scything talons. 25 points for d3 attacks more are simply not worth it...

Ok that's it for the moment with new models. Currently I am working on ever more termagants, the second tyrant guard and it itchs me to get started with the trygon I bought last week.

2 Kommentare:

Matt said...

The bugs look great. And I have to agree with you the D3 for the crushers really isn't worth it especially with the rerolls for double scythes.
Awesome nids.

Managarm said...

Many thanks! Much appreciated :-)