April 30, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Mission scenario and Deployment

Ok here we go with the scenario and deployment!

We decided to play in the Cities of Death since that would grant us a much nicer background for the pics (I guess my carpet isn’t the proper background for the first batrep eh?).

We would play on level gamma the mission “counter attack” (don’t know exactly the English description for that mission): Each player chooses one building he wants to defend. To win the game one has to bring all defending enemy units in the building below ¼ strength and must bring one scoring unit into it. On gamma level we played without victory points. So no matter what happens, defending the own building and seizing the enemy building is the only way to win.

So we set up the field of battle!

Trotzki took “sharpshooters” (no cover saves against sniper weapons! Nice for his pathfinders when they pump out ds1 shots…) and “sewer rats” as stratagems and he rolled for 5 entry points. In turn I took “power generators” (re-roll to wound) for my building and further fortified it to receive a 3+ cover save and, what convinced me, I would strike first against his Harlequins for the fortified building special rule negates the effects of enemy grenades!

Trotzki won the roll for deciding in which quarter to start and he chose the quarter with the belltower (upper right). So I had to start in the opposite quarter in the mechanicum building.

We both deployed in and around our building, Trotzki set up a little more aggressive leaving no designated defender in the building except the shadow weaver. Everything else could easily walk towards me. The Dire Avengers were held in reserve. They would come through the sewers.

I obviously placed both devastator squads and all but one LasPlas Squad in the mechanicum. The heavy bolter only dev squad was placed infront of his dark reapers, backed up by a LasPlas squad and both terminator squads with my master and the librarian attached to them. One of the sewer entries was blocked this way. Both units should walk towards Trotzki’s building and soak some fire. I hold my assault team back as a countercharge unit should something come into 18” range and I was sure, something would and this way they had another two sewer entries in range. Two LasPlas Squads should defend my right flank, backed up by the smaller devastator squad. The landspeeder blocked the other sewer entry in the back of my deployment zone.

So after deployment and a short prayer to the emperor the battle was ready to begin!

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