May 4, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Turn 1

Trotzki won the roll and chose to begin.

Basically he moved everything to the front except the dark reapers, shadow weavers and the guardians. The shooting was opened by the barrage of the shadow weaver targeting the assault marines and causing 4 wounds but the power armour took the brunt of it and none fell. The bright lance and missile launcher of the wraithlord found their mark and one terminator of the librarian squad was evaporised. Another terminator of the same squad was hit by a starcannon but the plasma bolt couldn't burn through the thick armourplate. The missile barrage of the dark reapers killed 4 marines of the heavy bolter devastator squad. During this heavy pounding a sniper of the pathfinder team took a bullet right through an armour joint of a marine from the LasPlas squad on the mechanicum tower.

On my turn 1 I moved my Terminators forward but they just managed 3” due to difficult terrain. Since my Assault Marines were bunched up and targeted by the blasts of the enemy artillery I spread them a little bit but they held position. The librarian tried to focus to let a psychic construct rush towards the enemy but because of the runes of warding of the runeprophet he took a perils of the warp attack and lost one wound. The master’s terminators opened fire with both assault cannons and stormbolters on the avatar of Khaine and wounded him two times. Encouraged by this the terminator retinue of the librarian targeted him as well but didn’t wound him. The LasPlas Marines near the terminators tried to shoot on the dark reapers but failed their target priority check and had to shoot on the guardians and killed one. The devastators had more luck in shooting at the dark reapers and managed to inflict 9 wounds on them, but oh dear, they passed ALL NINE armour saves! Bad, very bad. Since nothing juicy was in range or sight for the other squads I tried to shoot on the harlequins but the veil of tears dazed all marines trying to target them.

This ended Turn 1.

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