June 12, 2008

ARMY SHOWCASE: Sons of Sigismund

Since I am not painting at the moment, I decided to start a litle showcase of my most favourite models and units. I am planning to post a few pics under this headline from time to time.

So to begin with, here is my fluff-wise most beloved unit in the game: The Terminators.

Squad of
Brother Sergeant Lucien

Brother Sergeant Lucien carries a Stormbolter and a power axe (slight and simple conversion of the ordinary sword). (And since he forgot his helmet in the locker, he sometimes catches the bullet first...) This squad usually accompanies Grand Marshall Hermann into battle.
To distinguish them from my other terminator squads, they have their right shoulder guard in white with a black cross and all have a white cross on their left leg.
Personally I am very pleased with my paintjob here and I think they catch some eye on the table.

Squad of
Brother Sergeant Vikar

This is the first Squad, where I tried another paint scheme different to the one displayed in Codex:Black Templar. I had seen the white cross on the helmets in a white dwarf some time ago and I really liked it. As common theme for this squad I let the right shoulder pad black with a white cross on it. And, as you can see, I put a lot of purity seals, devotional text passages and other embellishments on them to show the very pious attitude of this elite squad.
They are usually tank hunters when fielded as the two assault cannons can really put a dent into enemy tanks. (But let me say this: this is my one and only squad with two assault cannons!)

Squad of
Brother Sergeant Wolfram

This is the first squad of terminators I painted. Plainly "inspired" by the terminators in C:BT. Nothing important to say about them. Maybe only the posing of the assault cannon wielding one, as I like this pose.

and last but not least...
Squad of
Brother Sergeant Guntrecht

Assault Terminators, as you can see. That was my second squad and I got a little bit more creative... At least they have the shoulder pads in their squad-specific heraldry and that is repeated on their little shields. Actually they have been repainted several times, as I wasn't so sure how to do them and as my paint skill improved I decided to add some more details to them.
Sadly they don't see much battle. I think the only way they can be used, is in a Crusader with attached Chaplain. And this is, as sad as it is, a juicy target for opponents and a point sink for me. I like the idea and it is really cool, but to win with such a list is virtually impossible.
But I had some interesting moments with them and I hope I can use them more frequently when the new edition codex comes out.

So that's it with my terminators (and I really pray that they won't feel the nerf hammer too badly so that I can paint some more squads without screwing up every list!) A command squad embellished with Forge World stuff and robes and maybe an apothecary is still on my mind. But I think something like that will run under "stylehammer".

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