June 5, 2008

Spreading some Chaos ...

After countless weeks of sacrificing and chanting the first two models of my new Chaos Daemon army have finally appeared from the warp. As I´ve already told you I´d like to do a mono Tzeentch list at the beginning that later maybe will see some additions of other god forces (mostly Khorne - got to love those models). So without further delay here are my first two choices and some tactical thoughts on both.

First my Herald of Tzeentch Narolkrell on his trusty charoit Gyz Zelleh (once a proud member of the Astropathic chor she looked a little to deep into things that weren´t her buisness).

Herald of Tzeentch

When I first glanced through the Daemon Codex I really tripped over the point cost of all those heralds. They are all reasonable cheap and have quite nice abilities. Especially on chariots the also add a lot of durability on themselves and can put out a big punch. If the lose of the IC status really hurts the unit (that still has a whole lot of wounds), the first games will prove. As jetbike the herald can go quickly from one side of the board to the other (turboboosting will make him one fast bastard) and with some cover to fly behind, he really can flame, gaze or bolt the hell out of enemy models next round. And with Master of sorcery and We are legion he can unleash hell on different units. One thing I´m still unsure about is his close combat ability : he may have a lot of attacks and furious charge but his taulike melee skills will hinder him against anything tough. Thats why I really have to ask myself if the expensive soul devourer pays off at the end.

The next addiotion to my forces a big tzeentchy Demon Prince Orgonath. I always wanted to have the model and really wasn´t disappointed with it. To give him some look worthy to the Lord of Lies I swapped the head and the free hand against some deformed bits from the chaos spawn set. Even though the price is tremendous I also decieded to give him wings, because I really like to see him flying around and burning whole units to ashes with Breath of chaos or destroy some tanks with Bolt of Tzeentch.

Demon Prince of Tzeentch
Prince Orgonath

Demon Princes in the Daemon Codex are real pointburner, so I´m quite concerned that I will really carry away with him. The Mark of Tzeentch is a must of course while I think the Iron Hide my be a little redundant - but +3 is always better then +4....
Another thing I´m thinking about is if there is really a need for another tank hunter in the list. Bolt and Breath together seem to be a little to expensive for my taste and the Prince can really put a dent into tanks just by being monstrous. Playtesting will show which one of them is needed.

So this end my first little summoning... I still have 10 Horrors, 2 Flamer and a Lord of Change waiting to be done and hopefully they will be painted and ready for action soon, to have a first battle (and of course a battle report).

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