June 1, 2008

Spotlight on Chaos

Welcome to another episode of Spotlight on Chaos! I nearly missed the "weekly" part, but i still got time till 2400 today so were in good shape. Lets get started.

Spotlight the Chaos Sorcerer

Right now while im still working on my Chaoslord, my Black Legion Army is lead by a Chaos Sorcerer. In fact most of the time i use two. But before i hear the cries of "Lashcheddar", let me clearly state that i use a maximum of one lash. While i personally dont feel that the Lash is overpowered, i normaly just play my pals and therefor i prefer to use unmaxed armies.
So while one of my Sorceres comes with the Mark of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission. The other one uses Mark of Tzeentch and Chaoswind, or Warptime or both if i have too much points.
I use wings on both of them, while you could always use a bike for similar effect, T 5 and turboboost, i prefer the batish look of the wings from the possessed sprue. And to be honest, sorceres do not ride on bikes! Were not the Hells Angels, were Chaos Marines!

So my prefered Sorcerer loadout would be:

The Golden One:

Chaos Sorcerer with Wings, Mark of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission

This dude cost only 145 points and you get a whole lot of utility for it. The fun moments i had with Lash of Submission are just to numerous to recall.
You can move enemies out of cover to rid them of their cover save. Trotzkis Pathfinders come to mind, those dirty treehuggers!
You can move enemies behind area terrain. To prevent them from shooting.
You can move enemies towards of away from you. Letting you assault one round earlier of denying them the opportunity for it.
You can reform enemy units and just do all kinds of kinky stuff with them, just like the Prince of Pleasure would do. ;)

The Ugly One:

Chaos Sorcerer with Wings, Mark of Tzeentch and Chaoswind (sometimes with added Warptime)

This dude is quite amazing, in his own right. While he isnt as much utility as the Golden One, hes double as killy. Using Chaoswind on disembarked or deep striking troops is just pure fun. They die like flies and useing warptime you get like 5 power weapon attacks on the charge, with rerollable to hit and to wound rolls. More then enough to finish of most squads.

Alot of people use a Demon Prince instead of the Sorcerer and while he costs only 10 points more. I feel that the Prince has a big fat "Hit me right here" sign painted on his forehead. They quite amazing if you can hide them long enough. But i just prefer my Sorcerers, like with most units its a matter of personal preference and getting the unit work with your style of play.

So thats our Spotlight for Chaos for this week.


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