June 8, 2008

Spotlight on Chaos

Well well being late again. Freakin workload is just too much atm. But i still got time to finish this weeks version of Spotlight on Chaos. Lets Roll!

Spotlight on Havocs:

Well since im playing Black Legion means im pushing myself to use as many normal CSM`s as possible and therefore i never leave home without at least one unit of Havocs. Since Trotzki plays mostly Eldar and Emperor plays Imperial Guard. I normaly equip them with four heavy bolters. And i found them quite effective against Sigismunds Space Marines as well. They tend to kill their share of Space Marines by volume of fire. I can imagine them doing quite well against Trotzkis upcoming Demon army. Too bad you cant give them the Tank Hunter Ability anymore.

Heavy Bolter Havocteam:

4 Havocs with heavy bolters
5 Havocs with bolters
1 Havoc with Icon of Chaos Glory

Well here they are 10 man armed with the ability to put out 12 anti-infantry shots out on a distant of 36”. If the enemy closes in on them on 24” or less you can add another 6 bolter rounds. And with the reroll on moral tests from the Icon and a moral value of 9, they normaly dont run away. With each CSM having two attacks even when they got engaged in hand to hand combat, they normaly hold out till helps arrvies. And they only cost you like 220 points.
If been toying with the idea of giving them 4 autocannons to add some light AT fire to my army but since i got others units on AT duty i keep em that way. And i dont wanna loose too many anti-infantry shoots.
These guys have been quite remarkably and have an amazing kill count. Tons of grunts from all armies and occasionally they kill something big. Trotzki really hates them for killing his Avatar a few times.

With the upcoming 5th. Edition and the change in blast weapon mechanics, i will equip at least one troop with 4 rocket launchers. I bet they will prove quite usefull against hardend targets and normal infantry as well. When we get our first 5th Edition games going i will see if this theory holds true.

So this is it for this week. Well see hoy much longer i can still keep myself from writing something about Terminators. Im afraid it will become a quite long Spotlight then.


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