August 21, 2008

Land Raider, a work in progress

With the new Codex: Space Marines lurking behind the next corner, I decided to start painting a new Land Raider for my Marines. Obviously.
Alright, that's the best moment to start a little WIP report and I try to capture the most steps with my camera. I will give a few explanations on which colours I use, which technique and so on.
So let's dive right into it.
After I cleaned everything up, primed all interior parts and painted said interior, I assembled most of the tank. Sadly I didn't make pictures of the inside. But as I think no one will take a too good look into the tank, this is only done superficially. I painted it with a dark grey, darker than cold grey (Vallejo Game Color), then drybrushed it with a lighter tone of grey and painted the screens of the monitors and cogitators with mostly red and blue (scab red from vallejo with parts in blood red from GW, enchanted blue with parts in ice blue, both GW). The mechanical parts in the back I simply drybrushed with boltgun metal and brazen brass (sadly GW took that color out of the program, I don't know why, but that color was great)

Ok, now to the parts you can actually see. The first thing I did was painting the tracks with boltgun metal. After that I used my ink mix of chaos black with a huge portion of water and the Vallejo Color Thinner. I think that comes next to the new washes from GW.
The next step was cleaning up the mess I did with the boltgun metal, so I overpainted the parts I wanted black with, you can imagine, chaos black.
After that I drybrushed the whole tank with a mix of chaos black and cold grey. That's the colour mix I use for all accents on my marines.
I drybrushed it again with bestial brown, but only on the lower parts. Followed by another drybrushing step with snakebite leather. But beware this colour is very bright and so I just used it on a few parts and only a little bit.
Last step was drybrushing with cold grey for a more dusty look and to soften up the brown.

The picture shows everything very bright but in reality it is a bit darker. But I wanted the impression of a tank rolling through a war torn environment, through ruined cities and the like and I guess there is a lot of dust and dirt...
A few sprinkles of boltgun metal for little damages and I think I am done with the first round of wheathering for now.

Next I am going to paint the doors. I am still undecided whether to paint it in NMM style or not. At the moment I am tending to metallics.
Ok that's it for this time.
To be continued soon.

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