August 22, 2008

Soulgrinder WIP

Hi folks,

so here is the first little upgrade on my unfinished Tzeentch-Soulgrinder. Starting with the boring part : the legs. Not much of special interest here. I mainly used Boltgun Metal with Brazen Brass for the legs, while the body is drybrushed with Boltgun Metal and Codex Grey. What still needs to be done is some further darkening down the boltgun metal (still a little to shiny) and I still have no idea for the leg armor plates on the last pairs. First idea was some Tzeentch-Symbol... but due to the ultimate lack of any freehand painting skill I´m still stuck with black plates. As I said otherwise there is not much special here...

Now the more interesting upper part: Here you have the very detailed and organic part of the Grinder. Starting with thin layer of Mordian blue I painted the whole skinny partof the model. Next another thin layer of Space Wolves Grey + Mordian Blue was added. At last pure Space Wolves Grey was used as on the GW studio model. To give it a tzeentchy blue-purple look I now first washed the model with Asurmen Blue and after drying with Baal Red. As you can see this lead to some nice blending effects with wich I´m really pleased. I also started with the details on the model but this is still almost 99% work in progress.

You just have to love this model .... I really think this is one of the best GW has ever done ....

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