August 12, 2008

...of things to come...

Hey folks,

I wanted to give a short preview of those things to come in near future. Trotzki and I ordered a few things from Forge World to "embellish" our armies.
This stuff is really really awesome and even with the neat price it is worth the money. Especially with the strong Euro at the moment :-) it is more affordable.
So here we go:
The Eldar Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.
Absolutely amazing! As you can imagine, definitely no comparison to the GW model. This guy is an appropriate representation of his rules! The wip firewarrior is for size comparison...

As promised some time ago the FW pimped Terminators are going to hit my shelf and hopefully the battlefield. And with the rumoured new rules for storm shields that´s going to be a viable unit. Let´s see if I can do it this year. But that´s definitely getting a WIP paint log! The shields are really great and finely detailled and in addition with the shoulder pads I am looking forward to painting this terminator assault squad.

And last but not least two sets of Land Raider doors. As I am planning to paint at least two more Land Raiders I thought it would be great to get those nice doors to make them look even better. At the moment I am planning doing a Land Raider after I completed my first chunk of the Tau army. Maybe I will make a paint log as well.

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