August 12, 2008

Something small from poland

Hi guys,

anyone ever noticed the small company Micro Art Studios ? They are making gorgeous resin bases for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k.

With my shiny new Avatar en route, I decieded to base him on one of their temple line.

As you can see the two 60mm temple bases are really detailled and one of them will make a great addition to the big Forgeworld model. I also added two 40mm skull bases. One of them will serve as base for the humble skulltaker while the other one may serve as a Khorne demon prince resting place. With this shipment I also ordered some ruined building bases for Managarm. Check them out :

Here you can see the really nice wanna be terminator 40mm bases. Six of them were in the order and none of them looks like another. I think this is quite remarking as other bought bases quickly work against the uniquness of the models.

The detail on the big 60mm base is also remarkable and will make great ground for a dreadnought.

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