May 17, 2008

Project Log: Tau Sa`cea


I had the idea to start a project log for my relatively new army, the Tau of the Sa'cea Sept.

When my Marines had reached a comfortable level (pointswise....ahem) and I always thought of a second army, ranging from Chaos to Necrons to Imperial Guard including considerations espacially on the Tank Company (the Baneblade is still on my mind) I finally thought of the Tau. Clausewitz once bought some of them the days the last codex was released but never really started painting them. I never thought well of them since fluff-wise I don't like them at all. But as time went by I changed my opinion about them and started to rethink that whole thing again, read the codex, was impressed by their weapons and nice rules (JSJ ftw!) and most of all the oh so beautiful tanks made me change my mind. In the meantime Emperor (our friend, not Him on Earth ;-) ) became the owner of the little still unassembled and unpainted guys (he was as excited as me about their weapon loadout especially when comparing flashlights with pulse rifles *lol*) but as he didn't started them as well, the boxes changed the owner again and they found their new home with me. Namely I aquired 2 boxes of firewarriors, an XV8 commander and a sniper drone team. So basically all one needs to start the first 500 points.

And here is what I have already painted: 12 firewarriors and a XV8 Crisis suit in the famous Fireknife configuration:

I decided to paint them in the Sa'cea colours, I like the blue and it matches the cityfight scheme of my Marines.
At the moment I am painting a devilfish/hammerhead (still undecided). But as I think a project log or pics about painting a mere transport isn't that exciting I will post a pic in the overall project log here when it's done.

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