May 19, 2008

Eternal Glory to Chaos ! - Praise the Changer of All Ways

Hi Guys,

so as promised I got a little more in love with my dark side and - with the new codex finally out - started a Demon army. And because I really like the fluff and background of Tzeentch I decieded to follow him for greater glory. As those of you that already have read the codex may know, there are a lot of choices that have no model in the GW range. But there are a lot of descriptions in the codex for all people that like to play with these models. So my first descision was to do a herald on a chariot. The description in the codex says something about screamers and a flying disc of Tzeentch... well not what I think about when it comes to works of the great mutator. So I got myself two Chaos Spawn kits and a whole lot of green stuff and created something awful...


So I still have to clean the model up a little, but after all I am quiet pleased with the outcome. Now to start the little guy riding my precious baby...

So what do you think ?


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