May 6, 2008

Trotzkis Starwanderers of Alaitoc (part 1)

With most of the battle report of our last game online, I decided it´s time to bring out the cheese and show off my proud craftworld childs. This is my first Warhammer 40k army and as such I stuck to one of the standard paint shemes - Alaitoc - because I like the wanderer fluff and the bright colours. You may recognize that I have some models (like the shadow weavers and my quite big seer council) many people would never use in a "sane" (means competitive) list. So here they are - sorted by there place in the FOC :

HQ :

Farseer Ald´Rhun and the seer council of Alaitoc
So here you have every eldar players favourite HQ choice. With fortune and doom he really never disappointed me (even if he pops his quite intellgent head, while thinking to hard about the future and stuff). When I started this eldar army I was able to catch me five quite inexpensive warlocks on E-Bay. Together with the three I already had, this lead to one big point sink. But once this unit gets into melee, especially when they are fortuned they tend to hack away their foes by sheer number of wounds. When they aren´t fortuned ... well thats one juicy target.

Autarch Shil´Haram

One underused HQ is my shiny little autarch. Has seen some nice games when going to war with my warpspiders. Alone he often tends to go down in a blaze of glory because even with decades of battle experience low toughness and strength are often enough to bring him down quite fast. I think he would be used more if it wasn´t for the other two HQ choices that tend to outclass him.

The Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine
What´s not to like about this guy ? The Avatar of war leads my eldar in almost every game to war and fills the hearts of my little eldar with visions of bloodshed. Fortuned he is near unkillable and whenever he reaches the enemy lines he hits is one furious bastard. My favourite memory is him getting charged by five assault termis with chaplain and come out almost unharmed! Thats one incorporation of a war god.... if only the model would be a little more up to date. But there is always Forgeworld...

Elite :

Troupe Master Farlarith and his Harlequins
Let´s say it all together : CHEEESSSEE. That´s everyone first thought on these wanderers of the webway. Really like the fluff of these guys and the link they put between the craftworlds and the dark eldar. In game terms there isn´t much other to say as to avoid these guys in CC and shoot the hell out of them. They tend to kill whatever they attack and once they are in melee the game often completly tends to get onesided. When combinded with a Cheddar-GOD-justcantkillit-Falcon ... well almost every player who met a tri-falcon list knows the outcome...

Exarch Sariss and her Howling Banshees
The girls of the shrine of the banshee never disappointed me in the games I use them. Quick and deadly they slice away the enemies. They may be made of shiny eldar glass and die like flies once hit but in melee even assault marines get a beating.

Fast Attack :

Exarch Nutaniel`Shardah and his Warp Spiders
My warp spiders have seen some really good and some awfully bad games. I seem to have some real luck when shocking them, so I have made a lot of good experience with that (many people will disagree with that I think). The really tend to rip everything to shreds when shooting and when joined by the autarch, he and the exarch will also put out some damage in close combat. The only backside is their price ... even power armour won´t protect you from a whole army´s shooting.

Exarch Ipharil´Setar and his Shining Spears

Here it is - the mother of all hit-or-miss units. When they reach there target ... oh what a joy - they just blew the enemy away. In theory this unit is every marines and terminators bane, but in the game... well... sometimes they work and sometimes they won´t. Really one risky unit - from my experience it´s best to keep them back and wait for a reeaally good target to charge.

So much for the HQ, Elite and Fast Attack options. Troops and Heavy Support you find in part 2 of Trotzkis Starwanderers of Alaitoc.

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