May 6, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Turn 2

This turn would see some serious firefights so let's see how it turned out:

The second turn started with psychic powers and the farseer fortuned the avatar and tried to doom the librarian with his retinue but the psychic hood denied that.

Trotzki rolled for reserves and his dire avengers became available and appeared at the sewer entry next to his harlequins facing my right flank, he then moved them 2” back trying to get into cover but did not reach it. The warp spiders and the serpent moved in front of the dire avengers, the harlequins stood in the back of them. The farseer and the avatar moved forward as well.

The shooting phase began with the warp spiders wiping out the lower LasPlas squad, quickly followed by the upper LasPlas squad which was blade-stormed by the dire avengers. The serpent killed one marine of the heavy bolter devastator squad, the dark reapers killed another 3 but the decimated marines passed their leadership test and held the ground. The star cannons of the two guardian squad and the wraith lord targeted the librarian squad again and killed 2. The shadow weavers shot on the assault marines again, but killed none. After the shooting phase the warp spiders made a fatal second jump: they lost one in the warp (Trotzki rolled double six) and that took them partly off the field what killed another 2…

I moved the landspeeder away from the backward sewer entry and faced the warp spiders but hid behind the ruin to stay out of sight of the rest of his army. The terminators advanced further forwards but I consistently rolled badly for difficult terrain so they moved just another 2”.

The serpent was my worst concern at this moment and I tried to down it so that the banshees would be entangled and maybe lose some. So both LasPlas squads and the devastator squad with the missile launchers shot at it. And all I achieved was to shake it. This thing was nearly as resilient as a falcon… Following the "always concentrate your fire-rule" both terminator squads had to shoot at it as well. Again another shaken result and the last assault cannon shot it down and destroyed it. 5 banshees died in the crash. The heavy bolter devastator squad then shot at the guardians and killed 4. Finally the landspeeder targeted the warp spiders but the xenos armour held off all incoming bullets. The serpent having soaked up nearly the whole firepower of my army this round really was very bad for the marines and I had a very bad feeling for the third turn. At least the banshees were pinned and the dire avengers would not shoot after having blade-stormed.

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