May 14, 2008

Spotlight on Chaos!


welcome everybody to our (hopefully) weekly spotlight on Units from Codex:Chaos Space Marines. In this Spotlight i will try and bring to  your attention units which i like using in my Black Legion army.
Perhaps sometimes its an odd choice supported by my style of play and personal preferences, but nevertheless i hope that you may find some usefull hints.
Allright lets dive right into it:

Spotlight on: The Chosen

I highly recommend these guys. I normaly use em in the simple shoot em up configuration and to give my army some much needed AT potential. Their ability to infiltrate enables me to place them where i need them to be. May it be on the enemy side of the board, holding a strongpoint in the middle or on my own side facing excatly the thread i need them to take care off.

Chosen of Shootiness:

3 Chosen with Bolters
1 Chosen with Lascannon
1Chosen with Plasmagun
1 Chosen with Icon of Chaos Glory

These guys come at 168 points. While you could always drop em down to 5 with just a Lascannon, this will make em hit 125 points. I for my part prefer the 6 man loadout, since it gives me more punch. 
Its really a unit which you have to get used too, since when you compare it to the the loyalist ubiquitous 6 man las/plas troop (seen in extensive action in our Battle Report), youll pay 53 points more. Less if they use Veterans or Traits to get Infiltration. But to be honest, who does?

Recently ive been toying with a more melee/shortrange shooty configuration. 10 man armed with Melters and Powerfists. These guys of course become quite expensive. But i find it hard to do the theorycrafting on their usefullness. And since i dont get to play as much as i would like recently, i will have to wait till i get to try them out.

This concludes our first weekly spotlight on Chaos.


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