May 22, 2008

Spotlight on Chaos

Welcome to our weekly Spotlight on Chaos. Lets dive right into it.

Spotlight on the humble Chaos Space Marine:

Since im playing Black Legion these guys form the backbone of my army. Alot of people prefer the Cult Marines over the CSM and there are alot of good reasons for this. In my opinion the main reasons for using Cult Marines over CSM is the fearlessness of the Cult Marines. So while i understand most of the reasons for using Cults Marines over CSM, my choice is mainly based on fluff and personal preference.
Perhaps although the good results i had with my Salamanders back in 3rd Edition. Good old Rhino Rush!

Most of the time i use 3 troops of 10 CSM, all equiped with a flamer, a melter, an icon of chaos glory and a champion to lead them on the field. They are all tighly packed together in the incredible cheap rhino.


6 Chaos Space Marines
1 Chaos Space Marine with Icon of Chaos Glory
1 Chaos Space Marine with Flamer
1 Chaos Space Marine with Melter
1 Champion with Power Fist
1 Rhino

So these guys come at 255 points and have barely ever let me down. They are capable of dealing with almost everything.
They have a decent chance to kill vehicles/montrous creatures with the melter and the power fist of the Champion.
They can put a dent in troops with weak armor, by using their bolter and the flamer.
They can hold themselves in close combat, by sheer number of attacks and the Champion.
And dont forget about Rhino, its cheap, it speeds the them up and increases their threat range and provides mobile cover. It can be used for shielding other units as well.
So for a measly 255 points you get a unit which can be used for almost everything. While some may call it "jack of all trades, master of none" i prefer to call it "tactical flexibility".

So thats it for this week, tune in again next week for another episode of Spotlight on Chaos!


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