May 8, 2008

Trotzkis Starwanderers of Alaitoc (part 2)

So here you have the second part of my Alaitoc army. Troops and Heavy Support - the most powerful sections of an eldar army (in my opinion).

Troops :

The Guardians of Alaitoc

Guardians ... what to say about them ... Got most of them from Ebay (notice the second edition starcannon) and they were they first models I have painted. Learned the hard way that it´s really better to keep them back and as cheap as possible cause they die like flies and run whenever the avatar doesn´t back them up. The starcannon is nice for termie busting but against anything else it´s just expensive overkill.

The Pathfinders of Alaitoc
So fluffwise these models are the most important of any Alaitoc force. As you can see I only have five finished until now - but aanother five are almost done. When upgraded to pathfinders and put into +4 cover these guys are really a pain. Without the upgrade they are a little to expensive for my taste.

Exarch Motri´Archel and his Dire Avengers

More Dakka ... thats my first thought on these guys ... I´m not used playing with other "volume of fire" armies, but it is very satisfying to unleash over 30 shots from one unit. They really earn my respect in every game (in contrast to the guardians). Especially when going "Serpent of Fury" they really wrack havoc. The Exarch is also equipped with two catapults to get most of the humble bladestorm.

Wavesperpent "Eldaneshs fury"

A falcon without holofield ... omg. I know that most people in forums tell you not to take them (especially not with the lances) but the serpent almost always takes it freight at least near the enemy (please ignore that the battle report in this regard). A second one is in production to give my Dire Avengers and the Banshees a confortable ride.

Heavy Support:

Exarch Quar´Astacil and his Dark Reapers

I have read an article on bolter and chainswords some weeks ago were a marine player proclaimed he wouldn´t play an eldar player that is using this unit. While I also have to say that this unit is every marines worst nighmare, I also really like to point out, that a troup of five with exarch costs as much as a terminator unit with assault cannons and that with less armour and toughness. On the other side they very often tend to completly rule one half of the map - unless they are hit by a stray lasercannon shot and run of the field (I´m really good at failing morale tests with them - as with my Spears). When the rumored rules for scattering of blast weapons in the fitth edition are true you will soon see the exarch with an tempest launcher and crack shot.

Wraithlord Taranorth

Tankbuster No.1 in my army and always good for some endgame (he is always around) IC crushing (again - don´t look at the battle report ... stupid Hermann...). The only drawback on him is that he and my Farsser have some unhealthy relationship regarding perils of the warp. It seems that poor Ald´Rhun has some bad headache when getting to near to Mr. FancyWarroirSpirit and always sends his mind for little warpwalk. That is why Taranorth often suddenly lacks wraithsight ... and the old guy rather throws curses on all the young folk running around his feet instead of busting land raiders und ripping Company Masters to shreds.

Falcon "Ishas Avenger"

I know that, as a good eldar player, it would be my responsibiliy to tell you that holofields are fine and that there are a lot cheesier units in the game ... But after the experience of 5 Heavy Bolters (Tank Hunter), 2 Missle launchers (Tank Hunter), 2 Lascannons and 2 Plasmaguns shooting on this flying wonder without having it destroyed I also got the strong feeling something might be fishy. Paired with the odd six harelquins of cheesiness you have a "point-and-click" unit that is winnig games on its own. I´m really exited if you will see a difference in his durability in the next edition.

Support Weapon Platforms

I know what you think ! ... I like them ... Once they destroyed a whirlwind in round one ... and once they killed some guardsmen and they were pinned. They also are really good at standing around and holding quarters ! Well other there is not much to say about them. Inexpensive but in most cases almost useless against anything with good armour. I´ve I ever finish my warwalker squad they will take there place in my footslogger army.

So this is all - hope you enjoyed this little showcase... hopfully you will see this guys in action again soon...


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