May 7, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Turn 5/6

As usual the 5th turn began with psychic powers. The farseer fortuned himself and doomed the LasPlas marines on the tower.

The dire avengers and the avatar continued their walk towards the mechanicum and on the left flank the wraith lord and the guardians not in close combat advanced as well.

The dark reapers exterminated the LasPlas marines on the left and the wraith lord shot again on the librarian but missed entirely. The avatar shot his melta sword on the landspeeder and shook the crew. The doomed LasPlas squad on the tower lost one marine to the fire of the last three dire avengers. The guardians ignored the librarian and shot at the devastator squad and downed 2.

The master could only kill 1 guardian but that broke the morale of them and they ran away. He repositioned himself facing the advancing wraith lord he intended to charge.

The Avatar had to die and so the last 2 missile launchers and the LasPlas marines targeted him and caused one wound on the monstrous creature.

Death-defyingly the master charged the wraith lord but could dodge the deathly blows and kicks of the monstrous xenos warrior. In return he landed 4 devastating blows and wounded it severely (2 wounds). The Librarian attacked the remaining guardians but could just kill 1. But the righteous charge of the psyker was too much for them and they broke close combat and fled. The librarian just turned away from them and tried to reach the mechanicum.

Turn 6

The warp must have been very turbulent over the battlefield and even the farseer couldn’t focus and so the last turn began with no successful psychic powers.

Both decimated guardian squads had their morale broken and ran away. But the nearest unit to the mechanicum building shot their star cannon on the flight but after close combat with the librarian they were too confused to hit anything. The snipers of the pathfinders targeted the remaining LasPlas marines but couldn’t do any harm. The dark reapers tried to shoot the librarian in the back but the missiles weren’t able to penetrate the terminator armour. And one barely could believe it the shadow weavers killed 2 space marines! (LasPlas on the tower).

The avatar moved into the building and shot again on the landspeeder and destroyed the assault cannon and then charged. The burning sword cut cleanly into the reactor of the flyer and ripped it apart in a gigantic explosion consuming the avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine!

On the other side of the battlefield the wraithlord was too stunned by the hammer blows and was smashed down by the marine master who then moved towards the dark reapers.

On my turn the master further advanced and finally charged the dark reapers, killing them both. The last missile launcher shot a fragmentation missile into the dire avengers what killed 2. The last marine on the tower aimed his by now really hot plasma gun at the farseer. But the ancient technology was too stressed after having fired so rapidly and exploded killing the marine.

That pretty much ended the game. No one had brought a scoring unit into the enemy building and so we concluded on a draw!

This game was really fun to play as it was exciting to the very last round! We both nearly wiped out the other army that only a few (non-scoring) units had been left (ok, except the shadow weavers and the pathfinders…but ugh…should they really be there?...).

I think we both enjoyed the game and there have been some really funny moments!

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