May 6, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Turn 3

All psychic powers of the farseer worked and the avatar became fortuned and the assault marines were doomed. But the warp tried to break through into reality and the farseer was attacked but his ghost helm held off the perils of the warp!

Moving phase was done quickly, the spiders jumped in front of the assault marines and the harlequins and dire avengers further moved towards my lines. On the other flank the wraith lord and the guardians did the same. Farseer and avatar stayed a little bit behind.

The fire of the warp spiders sent 5 assault marines to the ground and the dark reapers finally wiped out the heavy bolter devastator squad. Both star cannons took the librarian and his last terminator bodyguard as target and killed the elite warrior in a blaze of plasma fire. Now that the librarian was on his own the wraith lord fired the bright lance and missile launcher on him but the Emperor protects and nothing happened! The rangers killed another marine on the tower but weren’t able to pin them. The shadow weavers again had no luck and killed nothing.

On my turn the master and his terminators advanced in direction of the dark reapers to bring the assault cannons to bear. The librarian moved a bit behind them. Seeing the harlequins in range the assault marines moved in a probably suicidal jump out of cover right in front of them.

Both flamers of the assault marines opened fire and bathed the xenos in a gout of promethium and completely burned them to ashes! The LasPlas squad on the tower and the landspeeder targeted the warp spiders and killed 4. Having witnessed their comrades shredded into bloody mist by sustained bolter and plasma fire their courage broke and they retreated 16” towards the avatar. Seeing this mighty incarnation of war their spirit rose and they regrouped.

The librarian tried again to focus his psychic energies but the warp was too dense that he couldn’t cast the fury of the ancients.

The assault cannons of the terminators tore 3 dark reapers apart and the missile launchers of the last devastator squad killed another 2 banshees.

I achieved my unofficial goal to kill the harlequins ;-) but I had to sacrifice the assault marines for that. But I think that they would have caused more damage if they had reached my lines.
From my point of view the battle looked a little bit grim for me since my troops became really decimated that turn and a lot of eldar stood near my building and I only had the master and his retinue near the enemy position facing the wraitlord, 2 star cannons and the 2 remaining reapers.
But have faith in Him! The Emperor protects!

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