May 6, 2008

Batrep Eldar vs. Space Marines: Turn 4

Again the farseer tried to fortune the avatar but this time it didn’t work but he doomed the master of the marines and the bodyguards.

The avatar moved towards the assault marines, the dire avengers marched in the direction of the devastator squad and the banshees jumped over their wrecked transport and headed towards my left flank. The last 3 warp spiders did the same.

The ranger fired again on the LasPlas squad on the tower and shot 1 of them down. The combined fire of the warp spiders and the dire avengers took 3 of the devastators down but the morale of their brothers couldn’t be broken.

On the other flank the guardians targeted the advancing terminators and killed them all. The wraith lord again tried to kill a space marine leader but failed. The dark reapers fired their missiles on the LasPlas squad in the ruins but they ducked behind the rubble and nothing happened. Needless to say, that the shadow weavers failed again to kill anything.

The banshees stormed howling into close combat with the LasPlas squad and sliced effortlessly through the power armour and killed 2 of them. Dazed by this furious onslaught the marines couldn’t do anything. The assault marines faced the avatar of war and lost 4 brothers to the burning creature. The sergeant tried to hit it with his power fist but wasn’t able to do any harm.

The librarian tried again to focus but failed yet again.

The master moved towards the guardians to take revenge for his fallen terminators and the landspeeder moved into position to fire on the dire avengers and killed 3, the nearby LasPlas squad killed another 4 of them. The warp spiders were blasted apart by the missile launchers and the heavy bolter.

Meanwhile the avatar killed the assault sergeant and moved towards the mechanicum building. The banshees killed 2 more but 1 died in return by the marines until the librarian reached the fight and killed the last of them with his force staff. Before the master could smash 4 of the guardians under mighty hammer blows he was attacked by the couraged cicilians in arms and thy managed to pierce the terminator armour and inflicted one wound.

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